While studying architecture at the University of Canberra, Will developed a profound interest in sustainability and its integration into architectural design. Concepts such as solar passive design and utilizing natural materials resonated deeply with him as he explored their potential within the broader context of sustainable building practices.

With a Master of Architecture (2007) and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (2003) under his belt, Will embarked on a journey that would shape his career. His tenure at Indigenous Business Australia involved designing homes for remote indigenous communities, where he was mentored by Dr. Steve Burroughs, deepening his understanding of Earth construction and its applications in the housing sector.

Motivated by his experiences, Will assumed a co-managerial role at the Punya Project in Thailand, a permaculture and natural building education center. Immersed in the intricacies of natural building techniques and permaculture principles, he realized the significance of holistic design approaches, where architecture interacts symbiotically with the surrounding environment.

Upon returning to Australia, Will founded Integrated Biotecture Design, driven by his passion to create dwellings that foster a harmonious connection with nature. Through workshops along the Mid North Coast, he introduced others to the principles of natural building and permaculture, spreading awareness and promoting sustainable living practices.

His journey led him to the Narara Ecovillage on the Central Coast, a community dedicated to environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Here, Will found alignment with the core values of IBD, designing several homes that exemplified high-performance natural building practices. Whilst designing homes for the Ecovillage and in pursuit of cost-effective natural alternatives, Will co-established Mudtec with his partner Kenney. Mudtec now specializes in manufacturing compressed earth bricks and offers natural building services. (mudtec.com)

Today, through Integrated Biotecture Design and Mudtec, Will continues to champion sustainable architecture, embodying his commitment to creating healthy, natural homes that nurture both inhabitants and the environment alike.

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